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Street and Sanitation Department

The Street Department is responsible for the removal of yard debris, small limbs, leaves and the yard maintenance of Town property. Street department personnel also assist the water department, as needed.

Schedule for Pick-up of Leaves and Limbs:

Monday- The street department begins by gathering either limbs or leaves on Henry Street (Zone 1). Once all of the limbs or leaves have been gathered, the department begins gathering the other (we gather limbs and leaves separately due to the equipment needed).

Tuesday- Sanitation Truck Day

Wednesday-Friday- Continue gathering yard debris and assisting the water department where needed.

The Sanitation Department is responsible for the collection, emptying and removal of household garbage in the poly cars provided by the Town.

Trash Collection Day is every Tuesday

Please ensure poly carts are placed near the roadway, not in it, and where it does not hinder the delivery of mail by the United States Postal Service. The carts need to be in place by Monday night to ensure proper collection and disposal


Street Supervisor - Charles Lemon