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History of Latta, South Carolina

The Town of Latta, the second largest town in Dillon County, was established Circa 1887.  During the planning of the "Wilson Short Cut" by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad, the railroad company decided to build two depots.  One would be built in the City of Dillon and the second would be built seven miles south in what would become Latta.  In 1888, the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad completed the depots.  The railway itself ran from Wilson, North Carolina, to the Pee Dee Settlement (present day Florence, South Carolina) and eliminated the need to travel to Wilmington, North Carolina, in order to reach many points in South Carolina.  The "Wilson Short Cut" drew more families to the area.  Finally, in March of 1890, the Town of Latta was incorporated by the state legislature and received its charter.

Latta was named for Captain Robert Latta from York County, South Carolina.  Captain Latta was in charge of the engineering for Atlantic Coast Line Railroad.  Not only did Captain Latta survey the area for the railroad but also drew the original plans for the town.  At that time, the town was drawn out on forty acres of land.  Soon a town sprang forth around the depot.

Due to the Town's excellent railroad facilities, Latta rapidly grew during the first decade of the 1900's.  In the original charter, the Town of Latta was laid out in a circle with a radius of one-half mile.  Present day Latta has now grown to a radius of approximately one mile.

Many structures within the Town of Latta are listed on the National Historic Registry.  The Town has established a Historic District which encompasses a large portion of Main Street.  Additionally, Latta is the site of the last Carnegie Library.